Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas week

I have an awful lot to be thankful for. While I may have struck out (consistenly - hence the suspension of such) in the romantic relationship category, I have certainly had successes in most other areas of my life! A PR in the nasty weather of my last marathon, amazing old friends, incredible new friends, a new place to really make in to a home (including a - wait for it - sleeper sofa AND washer and dryer! - GASP!), a research project that is really near and dear to my heart, and a general overall happiness. I'll never be in the perfect place, but I am at least in a good place right now.

It seems I have managed to shorten my Christmas break from school by a week at either end - that's what I get for teaching at one institution and attending another. But that's OK. My true vacation starts tomorrow and ends the day after Christmas, so I am excited that the New Year will bring new fun, new opportunities, and new experiences. I'm slowly learning to get over my fear of commitment - those of you who think you know me may laugh at that statement, but given the heart palpitations I had over signing a one year apartment lease, it shouldn't make you laugh too hard. The fact that I'm in complete denial about having to actually, me - myself - pack up my entire apartment and MOVE again SHOULD make you laugh, however. Because that, you should know, is so totally me.

I always think I don't have that much stuff, so therefore the packing and moving shouldn't be that bad. And in comparison to most, I really don't have that much stuff. But in comparison to what I'd ACTUALLY be ok with packing and moving, I have a lot. Hence, the first run to Goodwill this morning. It wasn't much, but three bags to them is three bags less I have to move, right? Seriously, though. The biggest stuff is about 80% packed - the books. Now it's just the kitchen and linen closet. Most of my clothes don't need to be packed since I'm moving 2 miles away - literally. I'll just stuff them in the car in bags and move them in and out. I'm hoping the packing and moving only takes two days. The unpacking should take less since my sis will be here to help. Then it's New Year's Eve, baby! (I say that as if I have something fun planned. I don't. But my sis will be here, so if nothing else, I won't be alone in or in a bar with a hundred strangers). And I'm very much looking forward to the visit and the company.

For now, I shall close. I have some (more) sewing to do. Then it's off on a jet plane tomorrow and some to have fun and relax for the holidays. Woo hoo!!!

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