Saturday, December 24, 2011

Happy Christmas Eve!

Hope everyone is enjoying a beautiful Christmas Eve. Mine has been very low key and wonderfully enjoyable. Started wtih some fun - a run with some picture-taking - a yummy breakfast, some NFL, and a movie - Arthur's Christmas. An excellent flick for children and adults alike! It was a heart-warming film, as expected, but also a great original story that had a lot of humor and fun. Another film worth seeing (I saw it in 2D). My two-cents worth...

The rest of the evening will be spent watching more football and eating a delicious dinner in. Who doesn't want stuffed sole and lobster tail for Christmas Eve feasting? Mmmmm...All in all, it's been quite a lovely holiday. It's been what vacation is supposed to be all about. Relaxation, good fun, and wonderful company. I'll be loathe to get back home, but less loathe than I might otherwise have been, given that I am moving (loathe) to a cool new apt (love) where I get to take delivery of new furniture and appliances (double love). And, of course, a visit from my best friend and sister forever on the eve of New Year's Eve. Woot woot! We are going to get dolled up and walk (because we'll be able to to do that from my new place) to the fun bars/restaurants and see what there is to see. A hot blonde and a cool Asian chick...we'll see if we can turn some heads. Ha!

Anyway, tomorrow may turn out to be the most interesting Christmas I've ever had. Or it might not. Either way, it'll be a great and memorable one, so no complaints whatever the outcome. There are advantages and disadvantages to growing older...but one big advantage is not having to suffer through that awful anticipation of Christmas morning. As an adult, I can just sit back and enjoy the coming of the morning. Look forward to a tasty breakfast, and have a day of complete respite without feeling an ounce of guilt. OK...I've never really had a problem with that, but it sounded good.

Signing off. Happy Christmas Eve everyone! It's hard and easy to believe that the year is almost at a close. It's definitely been up and down, but it's ending on an up, and that's really what matters. Hope Santa brings everything you want - whether it's things or time!

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