Sunday, December 18, 2011

Random thoughts and random acts of kindness

I've been sewing up a storm - had a friend order 9 bags and another friend order a yoga mat bag, which I had to design as I'd never made one before...they are all done now, as are my shoulders, which are a bit tense and sore from 1) yoga 2) pushups and 3) sewing. But it's given me something to focus on for the weekend, while I wait like a kid for Christmas, for my upcoming getaway! Never mind that I've been trying to intermittenly pack up the apartment and pretend like moving doesn't suck nearly as bad as I know it really does. Thank goodness I'm not moving very far and double thank goodness my sister is flying in to help me out - as well as help me celebrate the new year. Ha! It's going to be a great month and a great 2012!

As for the random acts of kindness, I was on the receiving end of one yesterday that made me smile all day! I went to a favorite local restaurant for a quick and delicious breakfast, which I ate with relish. When I asked the waitress for my ticket, she informed me that I had no ticket...obviously, I looked very puzzled (I puzzled and puzzed...but didn't have to puzz until my puzzler was sore). She explained to me that there were some regulars that were in that morning who decided to play Santa and pick up the tab for a few of the strangers breaking bread that morning - and I was one of the lucky ones. Wow! What a shock and an utterly pleasant surprise! I've had that happen to me three times in my life now (one time I knew the folks), and I'm as grateful now as when it has happened before! People suck, but there are some good ones out there. It gives me hope that perhaps this world isn't as bad as I was brought up to believe. :)

On a completely different note, I am settling in to read a NOVEL over this Christmas break - one that I had started many many months ago and that had been put on the back burner due to a large volume of other reading I've been having to do. I am thoroughly enjoying the chance to read something for pleasure again, and am devouring it as I used to. It's not even a happy or uplifiting novel, but it is fascinating. And just nice to read because I want to.

Have only been running three times a week of late - coming off the marathon I decided to take it a bit easy. I'm in the lull of not even really wanting to run...which is normal for me, post-race. Though I could likely be enticed with a shorter, faster race. Perhaps another half marathon, perhaps another PR? If the conditions were a bit better, I think I could. However, I also have been running a bit injured, so I'm fighting with myself about resting versus continuning to run to keep my hard-earned fitness. We shall see which side wins that war...BTW, the novel I am writing about marathoners (fiction) is getting there. I believe I am up to 33,000 words or so (not, that's not a typo). It's about 60 pages or so of typed, single-spaced story-telling. Let's hope I can actually finish it and start the even more grueling task of editing, and asking others to read it and give me honest feedback! Gah. I'm not sure I'll ever be that brave.

It's Sunday afternoon and my chores are pretty much done. I'll be packing packing packing up the apartment as I scrounge boxes. And packing for my trip soon. In the meantime, one more day of clinical work tomorrow, run, eat breakfast with my pals, deliver bags on Tuesday morning, sign my lease, and generally get ready for my holiday away. Super excited about the upcoming week - ice-skating on the beach, the Poinsettia Bowl, and a lovely dinner out. This Christmas is definitely better than last year's, and it hasn't even gotten here yet!

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