Sunday, January 1, 2012

And we're back!

On New Year's Eve, henceforth referred to as "NYE." It's a little past 7am as my darn internal clock didn't let me sleep much past the dawning of light through the tiny cracks in my new vertical's a new place to live and so far I'm loving it (except for the VERY thin walls. But that's apartment living!). My sis is in the next room, having flown in last night, and after we talked until almost 2 in the morning (a dress rehearsal for tonight - tho I may need a nap before if I'm actually going to make it to midnight!), I am awake. The mark of a true morning person, I suppose...

So, I AM in the new apartment. I went on a bit of shopping spree yesterday, as a dear friend helped me out by giving me a very useable washer and dryer, thus saving me over a thousand bucks. Which, of course, isn't really going to be saved. I've spent some of it already - I am now the proud owner of an espresso machine, a very nice blender, and a crock pot. All sitting out on my counter, all in stainless steel finish, and I STILL have enough room to make a pie crust. You have NO idea how happy this makes me. Oh how I've missed having a lovely kitchen! (electric, but I'll settle for that with all the space).

A few boxes yet to be unpacked. Mostly books - was waiting for my sis to come help me with arranging things. Much harder to move a bookshelf when it's full of books. Yeah, I know. I'm queen of stating the obvious. Anyway, she's got a great eye for getting things put in just the right spot. AND we get to go pick more stuff out together. GOOD stuff, for a change. Might as well go whole hog. After all, it's looking more and more like I'll be here for the next three years or so; better settle in and be happy for the duration! So far, so good. My sis is here to celebrate the New Year with me by helping me decorate and make this place a home, I'm happily single (have a serious crush, but it's just a crush. And sometimes crushes are super fun!), and looking forward to a VERY busy year!

OK. My stomach is grumbling and once my sis is awake we'll be off on a run. Short, but enough to burn some calories and therefore enjoy the rest of the day guilt. Also, we're going to buy lottery tickets today - one ticket for each lotto drawing. Why not? It's cheap, it goes towards the schools, and we have as good a chance as any if we buy a ticket. Besides, it's fun to dream about what we'd do if we ever actually did win. Nothing wrong with a little daydreaming!

OK. Up and at 'em. I'm off to start my day. If I fall back asleep, I'd be here way too long. Then I'd be robbed of the pleasure of taking a nap later on. Now, how are we going to find the time to get in a pedicure? I desperately need/want one....

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