Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Happy Birthday Month!

First off - hi Dave! Good to see you found me again. Hope you are well and the running is feeling great! Next off, hi Hamilton! Thanks for reminding me about this blog. I've been crazy enough this month that I almost forgot about it. But now I remember, so here I am...

A few things to report, then I must off to teach a class on gut bugs on my birthday. Yes, it IS my birthday - at least according to the dentist that aged me when I first arrived here in these great United States. I claim the whole month, really, because the only person who knows the exact date of my birth is unknown to me - so they really did have to tell my birth date by my teeth. Therefore, I have a rightful claim to the month of January, no? Anyway, I started off the morning of my 39th year with a dreadmill run - it was supposed to be a stationary bike ride, but someone already occupied the bike. And it was (and still is) raining outside, and cold. After my White Rock experience, I choose NOT to run in that weather, so dreadmill it was! An easy 4 miles followed by a few minutes of core. A good way to start off my new year.

In the meantime, I am still trying to decide which 100-mile race to sign up for and tackle. Perhaps I'll chicken out (help me here, Hamilton!), but we shall see. I am leaning toward Lean Horse in August, but that means I'll have to forego Pike's Peak Half. Oh! Decisions! But I do know if I don't do it this year I'll likely chicken out altogether so there you have it.

I keep hoping that the next 5 weeks won't be as bad as they look on my calendar, and so far so good. It's probably a good sign that I need to find a way to stop doing clinical work when I groan every time I see it on my schedule...or at least stop doing clinical work the way I am doing it. Unfortunately for now, unless I'm willing to live off student loans again (which I'm not), it's the only way I can pay my bills. department chair gives me a guarantee of teaching at least once class each semester. But that might not happen any time really soon. So I'll just have to hang in there in the meantime.

OK. Enough whining! Life is good. I'm healthy, happy, and still young. I have great friends, my running is going well (I'm practically off my orthotiocs altogether - and loving it!), and learning a TON. I may still be deciding what I want to do when I grow up - actually, I know what I want to do when I grow up. The job just doesn't exist right now. Guess I'll have to keep chugging and figure out a way to make one....but the real point is, I'm still plugging. Hope I continue to have the wherewithal to get there.

Have a great day, everyone - it's my birthday, and since I'm having a fabulous day, you should, too!

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