Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What we WANT to do...

Is very different than what we feel we HAVE to do.  For example, I slept in this morning (daylight savings time screws me up this time of year!), got out of bed, and managed to mix and make two batches of cookies, bake a key lime pie, clean my bathroom and kitchen (including all the dishes I had dirtied during baking), and vacuum my entire apartment in just over two hours...because I have a small group of pals coming over tonight and I promised them homemade desserts.  Also because apparently having friends come over means that I feel obligated to clean (not that my place is ever very messy or dirty...but you know how it goes).  HOWEVER, I still have PLENTY of school work that I could be doing - and it's going to take plenty more time than just over two hours.  BUT I don't really feel like doing it; I've been doing it for a long time (or at least been thinking about doing it!), and I'm weary of it.  I am technically on spring break now - though I am in clinics Thursday-Saturday - and all I can think about is how much WORK I'm going to have to be doing.  <sigh>  I wish I had a group of friends that could inspire me the same way I am inspired by them coming over to my house.  (No disrespect to my schoolmates, who are all inspiring - it's just a different sort f inspiration).  Anyway, enough whining.

The weather is gorgeous!  The humidity is coming in with a vengeance, but these 70-80 degree days are lovely...walking around without a coat is delightful!  Of course, that means that I still have to carry a jacket, because it is the season of unseasonably cool weather INside.  Yep.  But I don't care.  I love the sun.  And, my running of late has been really really strong!  Managed to keep up with the "fast girls" this past Saturday, and I wasn't killing myself to do it.  Until the end, that is.  But I was still able to muster up a cool down mile after a super fast 11th mile, so I'm thrilled.  Maybe my trail race coming up in 10 days won't be too disastrous after all.

OK.  I am just procrastinating further, obviously, be continuing to blog rather than getting to the other things (not as much fun!) I need to do today.  Hope everyone is enjoying the gorgeous weather, is happy, and looking forward to something...the weekend, a dinner with a loved one, a gathering with friends, or just smelling the spring blooms.  We are all going to die some day, so we might as well make the most of every day we are alive!

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